At we always want to deliver the best equipment, supported with a direct and friendly approach, offering great deals. We are introducing the following company's as our leasing partners to give you the opportunity to lease our products directly, with a payment plan to suit your business. They ensure that leasing is kept simple, providing dedicated teams with catering equipment experience, waiting to calculate quotes and successfully get finance for you.

What can leasing do for me?

If the credit crunch means you are struggling to access cash for your business then Leasing is the answer.

Instead of a huge capital outlay, leasing allows you to break down expensive purchases into manageable, fixed rate, monthly payments. And because you don’t need to wait for funds, you can obtain the equipment immediately and concentrate on running your business.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Spreads the cost of your expenditure        
  • Fixed rates - offering fixed and regular payments collected by direct debit      
  • No upfront costs        
  • New line of funding – protecting your cash in the bank and your other credit facilities
  • Saves tax, buy equipment using catering finance and 100% of every payment you make may be written off against tax.    
  • Keeps your business competitive, productive and profitable through paying for the equipment as the equipment you lease saves you time and increases your profits    

To find out more about what opportunities you have please contact the funding professionals on the links below and visit their websites. Alternatively you can contact us for more details..